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2023-2024 Staff


Cahaya R.

Cahaya grew up an avid lover of books, constantly scolded by her teachers for secretly reading during class. Today, she is the editor-in-chief of Feedback, and finalizes the publishing of issues that she hopes will entertain, en...

Art Director

Devyani C.

Ever since her mother taught her and her brother how to draw, Devyani has continuously practiced and tried different mediums and techniques to excel in both creativity and skill. Finding a new passion in digital art, Devyani still se...

Layout Editor

Brooke A.

Still fascinated by the world around her, Brooke continues to make writing a priority in her life. However as a third-year veteran and newly appointed layout editor of Feedback, Brooke is eager to flex her writing skills ...

Managing Editor

Yujeong O.

With her ever-growing fondness for the English language and visual art, Katie is an aestheticist who loves to savor all things beautiful in the world. Her passion for writing thrives along with her appreciation for heari...

Staff Writer

Marsha W.

When she first read the daily newspaper with her grandpa, Marsha had turned her dislike for writing into a passion filled with fascination. From op-eds, features, and cultural pieces, she had spent countless hours readin...

Staff Writer

Shaikha H.

Ever since she learned how to write, Shaikha quickly discovered her passion for writing, filling endless journals with letters, short stories, and diary entries.  Her love for reading and writing has been a constant in her life...

Staff Writer

Nadya M.

Ever since grade school, Nadya has been turning empty journals and documents into bustling playgrounds of creativity. Experimenting from sci-fi drabbles to argumentative essays, both at home and in school, she’s never wav...

Staff Writer

Mishka F.

Whenever Mishka is asked what writing means to her, she expresses it as “love”—a sincere and unfaltering one. Writing has not only become a significant part of her life, but also brings her true happiness and cont...

Staff Writer

Hyowon (Julie) K.

Writing had never been truly enjoyable for Julie–until her classes in Introduction to Journalism at JIS allowed her to explore and express her voice and interests through her articles. Captivated by the charm of writing, now...

Staff Writer

Ghassana A.

Since she was little, Ghassana has always been a girl with loud opinions. Instead of screaming it out, her parents encouraged her to write it down. Now given the opportunity of sharing all her ideas with a wider audience, Feedb...

Staff Writer

Dowon H.

The monotony of black and white in newspapers made Dowon have a prejudice against journalism as stiff and boring writing. This was only until he first truly learned about journalism in his freshman year, that he discovered t...

Staff Artist

Kyra K.

Kyra, a young girl filled with curiosity and continuous gushing emotions spends most of her days painting a world out of her own imagination, expressively bringing icons and characters to life with various strokes on the ti...

Media Manager

Kendra W.

New to JIS, but not to writing, Kendra began scribbling almost as soon as she could read. Participating in short story competitions, creating her own blog, and contributing to the official community newsletter of her previous...


Yuichiro Hara

In his third year in the guiding role after legendary twenty-year veteran Edward Goodell's tenure, Yuichiro is becoming more comfortable and confident with the position. He is the only person in JIS history to enjoy the privilege...