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2022-2023 Staff


Cahaya R.

Cahaya loves writing articles that enlighten readers on culture, current events, and their community. Her joining Feedback during the pandemic only magnified this passion for journalism—now, she is the editor-in-chief, eager to co...

Art Director

Diego M.

Staying awake late into the night at the expense of sleep, Diego has always had a great passion for conveying his interpretations and visions through art. A long-term valuable member of the Feedback team, he finishes his tenure as art dire...

Layout Editor

Aliyah P.

When she first signed up for her school newspaper in her sophomore year, Aliyah found herself falling in love with journalism. Due to this, she continues to dedicate herself to scholastic journalism and helming the responsibility ...

Managing Editor

Yujeong O.

With her ever-growing fondness for the English language and art, Katie is an aestheticist who loves to encounter all the beautiful things in the world. Her passion for writing thrives as her appreciation for hearing timeless stories en...

Staff Writer

Alexandra K.

Alexandra, or as her friends call her, Alexa, had a very rocky start in journalism. She struggled and made many mistakes, always dramatic but never drastic, and struggled to find joy in writing. As she became more comfortable w...

Staff Writer

Brooke A.

Ever since primary school Brooke has been fascinated by the world around her and has never been shy in expressing her opinions. As a seconded year veteran writer for Feedback, Brooke is eager to flex her writing skills in sections beyond In-...

Staff Writer

Kendra W.

New to JIS, but not to writing, Kendra began scribbling almost as soon as she could read. Participating in short story competitions, creating her own blog, and contributing to the official community newsletter of her previous...

Staff Artist

Kyra K.

Kyra, a young girl filled with curiosity and continuous, gushing emotions spends most of her days painting a world out of her own imagination, expressively bringing icons and characters to life with various strokes on the tip...

Staff Artist

Rachel A.

Despite her love for art, Rachel was always hesitant to share it. But ever since the first illustration she submitted for the magazine as a contributing artist, she has been passionate about finding ways to connect with the commun...

Contributing Writer

Mischa W.

Since she was young, Mischa has always enjoyed writing and looks to challenge her skills further by experimenting with different styles serving different purposes. Discovering journalism to be one of the more enjoyable writ...


Yuichiro Hara

In his third year in the guiding role after legendary twenty-year veteran Edward Goodell's tenure, Yuichiro is becoming more comfortable and confident with the position. He is the only person in JIS history to enjoy the privilege...