Marriage: A Team Sport

Introducing the lovely husbands and wives from IASAS Season 2.

A box of candies; a dozen donuts; perhaps even a flower or two. Teammates, friends, and passersby alike stopping in their tracks, gushing over the newlyweds and their comical posterboards.

All these and more were present during the husband-and-wife proposals from IASAS Season 2, a student-organized tradition in which athletes from the girls’ and boys’ teams of the same sport “propose” to each other prior to competing.

“The idea behind it is to give somebody an extra little support network, especially when you travel away on IASAS,” said Mr. Brink, who has been a coach at JIS for six years.

In case you missed them, here are some photographs of the IASAS Season 2 athletes popping the question.