School Year Resolutions

Students share their goals and aspirations for the school year.


[Now that] I am currently planning my future… I hope that I [can] have good memories of my friends and my teachers.

— Adjani A.

I guess my goal would be to learn to manage my time better and develop better study habits.

— Keya K.

Because things are getting back to normal, I’m determined to make the most of the school year, particularly with personal relationships. I want to interact more with my teachers and build a personal relationship with them, and I want to go out and have fun with my friends.

— Raabya V.

My hope for this year is to have a fixated study schedule… I’m also eager to try to get to know more people, as it is easier without the barrier of the microphone and the looming virus.

— Anonymous

Being on top of my schoolwork because during online [learning], I… slack[ed] off.

— Rania B.

This year, I hope to be more involved in service clubs and the community.

— Gavin D.

My resolution is just to try and do as much as I can and to take advantage of all the time we have in high school… I still want to maintain good grades, but fun is also something I value a lot.

— Alicia D.

[My goal is to] procrastinate less… Using my device all day [during online learning] made me more interested in other things than school work, [so] I always struggled to keep up to date with the smallest assignments.

— Inho Y.