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French Fry Fiesta!

This summer, visit these restaurants to indulge in the crispy delicacy.
Maya S.

With summer impending, many of us may find ourselves searching for new restaurants to explore in Jakarta. So, in the forthcoming months, why not explore everyone’s favorite side dish: french fries! Not only will you have time on your plate, but a heap of the flavorful dish.


Three Buns

Although Three Buns is best known for its burgers, it is the perfect place to visit for fries with a slightly local touch. Order a serving of their house fries to taste a double-fried delicacy with lessened moisture and a perfect outer layer of crispiness, perfectly  topped with pandan salt.

Pandan is a local plant with fragrant leaves commonly used in Indonesian cuisine. The pandan salt used at Three Buns does not overpower the fries, but rather add a pleasant flavor and a perfect flair of saltiness.

You can order these fries in-house or through delivery services. To maximize the rich taste, however, eat them while they’re hot.


Shake Shake in a Tub

Originally founded in Singapore, Shake Shake in a Tub recently opened a restaurant in Jakarta. Their name reflects the process they use to flavor their fries: they add their seasoning and perfectly cut fries into a large tub, which is then shaken until evenly distributed.

You can choose your seasoning depending on the flavor that you are looking for. If you enjoy fries with a lighter taste, then their Butter Corn flavor might be for you. Similarly, their Cheese popcorn provides a taste not too intense, and their Sour Cream and Onion fries act as a perfect reminder of the classic Pringle brand with their balanced, slightly creamy texture. For those looking for fries packed with flavor, Honey BBQ leans on the sweeter side, Mala on the specier, and Sweet Chili BBQ boasts the perfect blend of sweet and spicy with hints of barbeque.

You can also order these fries remotely, though they do get soggy quickly due to the moisture and seasoning. So, if you decide to deliver the dish, make sure to eat it as soon as it arrives.


Fan Fries

Fan Fries is another popular franchise in Jakarta. They are best known for their crispy fries, unlimited portions of sauces, and unique packaging.

The fries here are crispy like no else, and display the perfect color of golden brown. You can choose between shoestring fries or curly fries, though the latter adds more texture and boasts crevices that can hold more sauce. (That way, you won’t have to worry about not getting enough sauce on them!)

With unlimited sauces available for dine-in patrons, Fan Fries is the perfect place to try new flavors. Cheese, Mayonnaise, Tartar, and Honey Mustard are among the wide variety of sauces that they offer. They also offer Sweet and Sour sauce, which carries a tangy taste with mild sweet notes, along with Buldak, a spicy Korean sauce.

However, if you wish these to be delivered, Fan Fries promises to make the experience as convenient as possible with their special packaging: a cone-like shape with a section to hold sauces, it is specifically designed for eating fries with sauces on the go.

So, whether you’re someone who enjoys dipping your fries in the sauce or dumping the latter directly onto your fries, their packaging caters to both. For high schoolers, french fries are side dishes that often become the main meal. It’s summertime! Indulge in these crispy treats, sauce and all.

DISCLAIMER: No member of Feedback is affiliated with any of the establishments listed in this article.

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