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Soon-to-Be Soiree

Students who have yet to attend prom share their expectations for the event.
Cahaya R.

Fancy clothing, prom dates, promposals.

That song that goes like, “Im sitting hereee, crying in my prom dress!”

Expensive prices and a whole lotta bills. (I’m just a freshman, so my perception may be extremely skewed.)

The hefty entrance fees displayed on Dragon Bites posters.

Suits and tailored dresses, dancing in darkened floors lit up only by flashing lights and disco balls, promposals, hoping the person you like magically asks you, corsets, hair falling down in waves, that awkwardness between you and your date, limousines, that awkward prom picture where the guy places his hands stiffly on the girl’s waist, holding hands, slow dances, prolonged eye contact, photo booths, high heels, watching from the sidelines as your friends dance with their dates, hoping a boy will ask you to dance, ridiculously expensive tickets, your heart racing, high on adrenaline when you get home, high school, fomo, your favorite songs playing through the speaker, deejays, telling your friends “you look gorgeous,” “you look… really nice,” [for them to say,] “thanks, so do you.” Etc.

[Similar to] mostly American movies, like High School Musical.

I do think the portrayal of prom in media such as in movies and TV shows really showcase it as a competition for the best outfit or the prom queen/king label rather than a fun party.

Glamour. People’s outfits are very glittery, fancy, the entire vibe is really fancy.

A long, pink, silky gown.

[Like] past proms at my old school.

The fact that literally every teen book, show, or movie is physically unable to NOT include prom in their storylines.

I actually do not know.


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