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A Night to Remember

Behind the scenes at one of the most anticipated events: Prom!
Prom Committee

It is nearing the end of the school year, and social media feeds are filled with prom-related posts. From ‘Get ready with me’ videos to ‘What I’m wearing to prom’, TikTok and Instagram are flooded with content detailing one’s preparations for prom. For many underclassmen, this event might seem like a long time coming; however, it is much closer than it may seem. You have heard about it from upperclassmen, seen posters at school, and as this school year comes to an end, the sophomores are entering the year of their first prom! 

Once every school year, juniors and seniors are invited to prom, a coveted event at which students get the opportunity to formally dress up and enjoy a night of singing, dancing, and making lasting memories with their friends. 

For most juniors, it is their first time going to prom, signifying a fun night out amidst preparations for final exams. However, for seniors, prom is the last high school event they will attend before graduation, marking their high school journey’s bittersweet and monumental end. 

“It’s just something everyone looks forward to when they’re older; it’s important to get together as a community,” junior Alexa. Z shared.

Before the student-run committee begins its preparations, prom advisors Ms. Davis and Ms. Coyle select and book the venue and organise the transportation of resources and decorations.

“The committee would make the plans, and Ms. Davis and Ms. Coyle would do all of the communication,” Alexa voiced.  

In preparation for the big night, the prom committee makes various efforts to ensure it runs smoothly. From entertainment works to purchasing props and selecting the menu, they are heavily involved in the process. Feedback interviewed multiple members to gather their input on this process. 

“We start planning prom months before the event to ensure everything is perfect and enjoyable for everyone,” said senior Sara. S.

First, the students meet weekly to create mood boards and pitch ideas for the prom theme, which determines the dress code and decorations. Then, they choose their top themes and send a survey to the senior class to vote. 

“We actively gather input from students,” stated Sara. “Integrating their suggestions into our planning process craft[s] an enjoyable experience for all.”

After the theme is chosen, the committee splits into three teams: the entertainment group, the decorations committee, and the advertisement group. Their tasks range from ticket distribution and sourcing materials to managing content on the Instagram page. 

“With help from our advisors and our awesome team, we’re constantly working to make sure that this year’s prom is going to be a memorable one,” stated Sara.

 These meticulous tasks and preparations are the keys to ensuring an enjoyable and perfect night across all facets. 

Although prom is a yearly occurrence, it is only experienced twice in one’s high school career. So, make sure to cherish the night, enjoy yourself, and appreciate the efforts, dedication, and involvement of the student committee and teachers when the time comes.


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