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Comfort by Familiarity

Ways to make your dorm feel more like home.
Kyra K.

As the school year ends and the long break approaches, some students prepare for summer school, while others prepare to enter college. Whatever it is, moving to a new community, environment, or climate can be disorienting. However, there is a solution: familiarity. Your dorm room becomes your sanctuary amidst this whirlwind of change. By customizing it to match your preferences, you can establish a comfortable retreat that feels like home. So, what exactly should you bring to make your dorm room feel like your own?

Physical Comfort

When it comes to studying effectively, we often forget how much physical comfort matters. From my own experiences, I have realized just how much being comfortable can boost my ability to focus and learn.

During my time staying in summer school boarding rooms, I learned a lot about discomfort. The pillow provided was uncomfortable, making it hard to get a good night’s sleep. This lack of proper rest left me feeling tired and less focused during the day. The unfamiliarity of the new setting only added to this feeling of discontent. 

The following summer, I discovered the value of bringing along a small bolster. Whether it is used as a headrest or for cuddling, having this familiar item made a significant difference. Its absence, especially during longer stays, left me feeling as though I had not truly experienced rest. 

To counteract this sense of discomfort, I highly recommend packing a favorite pillow or blanket from home. Having something familiar in an otherwise unfamiliar location can aid with the transition. By making your comfort a priority, you will be setting the stage for more productive days ahead.

Sentimental Comfort

In addition, leaving home and loved ones behind can cause feelings of sadness and loneliness. When your everyday conversations become occasional phone calls, your desire for connection grows even stronger.

Looking back on my childhood, I remember how much fun my sister and I had with our dolls. Mine were called Lamb-Lamb and Cupcake, while her’s was named Lamby. These memories bring me comfort by reminding me of cherished childhood moments, especially when I am stressed. That is why whenever I go to summer school abroad, I always bring one of my dolls along. It makes me feel less discouraged in foreign situations.

I know it may seem silly, but even as a high schooler, I still pack my dolls in my suitcase. I am sure if I forget to bring them one day, I will be distracted trying to figure out a way to reunite with them rather than focusing on my studies.

To spare you from the same worry, I suggest bringing something that reminds you of your loved ones. Whether it be a shared memento or just something that brings them to mind, it can bring you a sense of relief amidst the chaos of your studies.

Whether you plan on leaving for summer school or are departing for college, I hope that these suggestions will help you get re-acquainted and comfortable wherever your journey takes you.

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