Time Travel

Seniors give advice to their younger selves—and pre-graduates.

Seniors, if you could travel back in time to the beginning of High School, what would you tell yourself?

Emotional care, empathy, and stability matter just as much as succeeding academically and financially.

— Mackenzie Watling

You’ll find good friends [in real life] :] stop holing yourself online just because it’s where you’re most comfy. (also get more vitamin D, please!! Touch grass.)

— Gizchella Untono

Don’t take IB.

— Iona Campbell

You’re gonna lose some friends in grade 11, but that’s okay since you realize your other friends were so, so, so—and I can’t emphasize this enough—so much better. They are the GOATS. Oh also watch Back to the Future ASAP. And also get ready for the pandemic! Enjoy online school in grade 10 🙂

— Anonymous

It is okay to ask for help and support from others when you need it; don’t be afraid or hesitant to reach out to people in your life who can offer assistance. Whether you are going through a difficult time, facing a challenging situation, or simply need someone to talk to, there are people who care about you and want to be there for you.

— Priscilla Kolim

Why are you so worried? Just do your best and enjoy.

— Yuna Park


— Anonymous

Purchase GME. (And ask her out bro.)

— Nathaniel Mapaye

If I could travel back in time, I would tell myself to become the most lovable and caring student as much as possible during my time from Grade 9-12. In addition, try to plan out my courses before choosing the courses.

— Stanley Tjokrosaputro

Don’t be too stressed about academics; do what you enjoy. Be more active in school. Have fun. Don’t think ur too cool to do something.

— Rachel Anton

Everything is going as planned, [go] make many fun memories [in] the long run.

— Anonymous