Departing the Den

The seniors of Feedback Magazine bid farewell.


Two years ago, I was having the time of my life, being a student journalist for my school newspaper in the United States—until I had to leave it when I moved back to Indonesia.

School publications hardly exist in Indonesian schools. So, I thought I had to pause my journalism journey until I finished college. However, when circumstances happened that brought me to JIS at the very last minute, it never crossed my mind that I would be able to unpause my journalism journey that soon. I was beyond excited to join Feedback Magazine for my junior year.

Truth be told, the beginning was more challenging than I thought; from working with individuals I barely knew to freaking out over Mr. Hara’s comments all over my drafts. However, as time went on, things became easier. Feedback has not only guided me to become a more critical reporter, but also helped me find my place within the community. 

And then, there came my senior year—one of the toughest years of high school. I had to maintain my academic performance in the midst of preparing for my future, while my mental health went into complete chaos. Sleep deprivation and breakdowns were often followed by walking up to school the next day, pretending as if I didn’t just cry my eyes out the previous night. 

However, the second I walked into our lovely H-1 classroom, somehow a smile appeared on my face. Whether it was someone offering cookies or striking up a simple (and often absurd) conversation, I could feel my light come back. At one point, I was convinced that I would actually go insane if it were not for my Feedback family.

From the deepest part of my heart, thank you so much for everything. Not only for the opportunities like interviewing the Head of School and a U.S. Congresswoman, but also for the incredible bond and good vibes that we had in the newsroom. Thank you also to all interviewees and sources that I’ve worked with in the past two years. Thank you for all the appreciation and criticism. It has been an honor to serve Feedback, and I’m excited to see what comes next!  

Aliyah P.

Layout Editor


At first, drawing for Feedback Magazine was strictly a CAS experience: it was simply to fulfill my creativity hours and nothing more. But slowly, I started to realize that that was no longer the case: I spent hours upon hours working on a piece, feeling a sense of accomplishment when I saw my work printed in the Feedback magazine.

Finally, after a year of volunteering, I became a staff artist in my senior year. Although apprehensive—debating on whether I should just take another AP class—I stuck with Advanced Journalism. Maybe it was the infinite amounts of slay-olai and white rabbit candies; maybe it was Mr. Hara’s wise life advice and thought-provoking stories; or maybe, it was the passionate journalists and artists whom I worked with. Whatever the case, as the weeks went by, the more I fell in love with the class and with the Feedback team.

Starting with being shy and tentative, this class has helped me gain confidence in myself. Thank you to the group of people who never failed to put a smile on my face and ignite a fire of inspiration within me, even on the worst of days.

Rachel A.

Staff Artist


From creating digital artwork to photographing the front covers, being a member of Feedback Magazine for the past four years has been an incredible journey. I am definitely going to miss the feeling I get when I first see my artwork in the printed copies—even though they cost me many sleepless nights, seeing them physically in my hand was like a dream, and I always found myself restless to create even more for the following issues.

It has been a privilege to have been able to be the Art Director of Feedback throughout this past year and to be able to work with such incredible people. Brooke, Cahaya, Aliyah, Alexa, Kendra, Katie, Rachel, and Kyra are all hardworking, kind, and phenomenal people who I will never forget. I also won’t forget Mr. Hara’s funny jokes, magic tricks, kind acts, and all of the conversations we have had in class. All of the memories and people I have met on my journey are irreplaceable, and I will miss them all. Because of them, the classroom always felt like a safe place filled with remarkable, creative people. 

I have been involved in many different teams throughout the years, and I am glad it ended with such a special one. It has been a pleasure being part of such an amazing team and being able to see how our team has evolved throughout the years.

I can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

Diego Marquez Aiza

Art Director


Being a member of the Feedback team has been a journey. I still remember being so oblivious to the standards and quality required of the team; I thought I had signed up for an easy-enough elective with quick A’s. So, when my first draft in this class was returned—red pen all over it—it was like a slap to the face. 

But I’d do it again. Yes, while tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and unfamiliar changes to our work are not always fun, the team is endlessly patient and understanding, and still so wonderfully themselves. We can always trust that we’ll find comfort and laughs in our 0 to 100 absurd conversations, all-you-can-eat (sponsored by Mr. Hara, of course!) snacks, and colorful blankets and dolls. And that’s exactly what makes this class as special as it is. We are so, so, so lucky to have such a tiny yet vibrant group in our final year of high school, and I’m just as grateful to be a part of this giving, kind, and gifted team. I’ve learned so much from your silly moments, your distinct writing styles, and your passions. It’s a high school course, but the quality and care that goes into the magazine redefines scholastic journalism—it is born of drive and heart. It has been an honor working with all of you. I will never forget my time amongst the hearty, warm, Feedback crew. 

So, to our exuberant yet cut-throat supervisor, Mr.Hara; our workaholic editors, Cahaya, Diego, Aliyah, and Katie; our gifted staff, Brooke, Kendra, Rachel, and Kyra, and even past Feedback members that have contributed to its legacy: thank you. Feedback has become more rewarding than any grade, more knowledgeable than any article, and more home than classroom. Thank you for adopting me, Feedback family :). You all deserve the best.  

Alexandra K.

Staff Writer