Greener City, Greener Home

A city-kid’s guide to the lifestyle changes that could make our city—and planet—even lovelier.

It is no secret that cities majorly contribute to the world’s pollution and waste production. Jakarta produced an annual average air quality of 110 PM, compared to small towns in Finland which posed an AQI of 6 PM. Indonesia produces up to 7,000 tons of waste each day that ultimately end up in our streets and on our beaches. City life may seclude you from nature, but it also puts you in a position to sow the seeds of change in your life. Today, make our city—and our planet—a little bit more lovely.

Carpool or Walk

While it may be tempting to surrender to the convenience and privacy of Bluebird, Gojek and Grab, carpooling or simply moving your body to get from point A to point B tend to produce much more rewarding and sustainable results. Do your part of limiting pollution and traffic by using less cars and motorbikes when possible.

Recycle your Waste

This city is great, but it produces massive amounts of waste, the majority of which will ultimately end up in landfills—or even worse—our precious island sands just a few hours away. Thus, it is important to dispose of your waste ethically and responsibly through services such as E-cycle Jakarta, which specializes in waste collection and recycling.

Refuse Palm Oil Products

Unethical palm oil cultivation is one of most pressing and blatantly under-addressed issues impacting Indonesia and our world. Palm oil is the primary culprit of deforestation and habitat loss spanning thousands of hectares across our country. Palm oil is found in everything from candy to cosmetics. While it may be challenging to avoid, be aware of it and keep your distance when you can.

Cook More & Order Less

While it may be hard to resist the simplicity of the delivery services offered here in Jakarta, the waste from containers and pollution from vehiceles is a easy way to negatively contribute. With apps such as Tasty, recipes are easy to find and easier to make. It takes minimal effort for the maximum reward of helping your planet; not to mention that feeling you get after whipping up and chowing down on a homemade meal.

Shop Locally and Sustainably

Most grocery store items are covered in unnecessary plastic and are often imported from hundreds of miles away. The waste accumulated during the packaging and shipping process adds up quickly and does a number on our environment. Luckily, Jakarta offers sustainable and local alternatives such as Naked Inc., a packaging and plastic free grocery store in South Jakarta which offers a variety of quality, organic foods.

Spread Awareness

While this one may seem obvious, knowledge is power. One person can make a change, but it takes an army to make a difference. So, spread the word about issues concerning your environment; your city; your planet. Show that you care by sharing and implementing ways that you—and others—can give love back to our home.