The Linguistics of Love

Want to be fluent in the five love languages?

Love comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s obvious, while sometimes it slips right under your nose. And that’s perfectly natural! We all have a love language: a medium we prefer to give and receive affection. Our differences factor into our display of affection; some of these expressions will be more familiar than others. Read on to learn the five love languages and how to speak them! 


Physical Touch

The most identifiable love language, physical touch is the medium for those who value warmth and proximity. This can come in a variety of ways, whether it be a shy hold of the hand or a hardy slap on the back. If you want to return the affection of someone with this love language, offer them a loving gesture of your own. Of course, make sure this gesture is one that both you and the recipient are comfortable with—it can even be something as light as a warm pat on the shoulder.  

Acts of Service

Those who care through acts of service will carry out tasks and activities to bring you joy or alleviate your stress. In other words, acts of devotion. These are the people who will go the extra mile and proofread all twenty pages of your final project, box dye your hair, or deliver you that snack you ordered just before class starts—all for nothing but your happiness. To recognize their efforts, remember to say “thank you.” However, to go beyond, do one of the tasks in their day that brings them stress and take that weight off their back. 


Words of Affirmation

Got a friend or lover who always sends heartfelt messages about why they love you? Maybe someone who just knows how to talk you back into your best? Yep, this is them. Those with words of affirmation as their core love language prefer to show affection through linguistics; whether it is through ink or keyboard, text or voice. An “I appreciate you” is sufficient. But if you really want to speak to the heart, speak from yours while being masterful and personal with your words. Easier said than done, of course!


It’s all about the thought that counts. These people are the kind to take notice of the tiny little things that make you who you are. If they see a figurine of your fictional crush, they would purchase it for you. If you mentioned you need more pink in yourwardrobe, they would gift you a sweater in your individual style, color, and size. Return the affection they have gifted you by providing them an item that is entirely and uniquely them. You’ll know it is the right gift when it could easily mean nothing to anybody else, but it will mean something to the recipient and to you.


Quality Time 

You know that one person in the friend group who’s always proposing to go to a new restaurant, play a new social game, or just to take time out of their day to talk to you? In that case, their love language is probably quality time. It goes beyond simply being in one another’s vicinity; this language is all about being present and cherishing the good moments together. To show your appreciation, the answer is simple. Just be open, interactive—and most importantly—yourself!


Hopefully, what you have now learned is this: you are loved. Every memory that came to mind is proof that someone has shared their love with you! Now, lovely reader, make sure that these people know that they are lovely, too!