Lovely Local Lyrics

A collection of Indonesian love songs for your ears—and your heart.

From secret crushes to devastating heartbreak to full-on relationships, love is the quintessential element of our lives. You may have frequently listened to songs in your native language to accompany the course of your love life—or some lack thereof—but why not switch it up a bit with some local tunes? Here are some Indonesian love songs dedicated for all of you bucin (fools of love).

Kau Rumahku (You’re My Home) – Raissa Anggiani  

If you adore Till Forever Falls Apart by Ashe and FINNEAS, you may want to give this song a try. It’s about two individuals who meet, start talking, and slowly grow comfortable with each other. Eventually, they fall in love and can call the other their home. A simple pop ballad told through comforting, calming melodies that embrace you like a beautiful sunset.

Jangan biarkan ku pulang 

Ke rumah yang bukan engkau

“Don’t let me return

to a home that is not you”

Dekat di Hati (Close to the Heart) – RAN 

Longing for the presence of a significant other when you are apart, this song depicts a couple in a long-distance relationship. Yet distance can’t separate them because no matter how far away they are from one another, they will always be close in each other’s hearts. This song may resonate with some of us—lucky and unlucky—consoling you with folksy acoustic guitar chords similar to Best Part by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.

Meski kau kini jauh disana

Kita memandang langit yang sama

Jauh di mata namun dekat di hati

“Even though you are far away

we are still staring at the same sky

far from the eyes but close to the heart”

Cinta dan Rahasia (Love and Secret) – Yura Yunita ft. Glenn Fredly

One may describe this song as sounding like an acoustic set in a jazz bar. Despite its flowery melody, this song can hit hard for those who are stuck in a love triangle. After all, loving someone who is head over heels for your best friend… must be complicated. This song is about someone who is torn between confessing or concealing their feelings.

Bukan kuingin merebutmu dari sahabatku

Namun kau tahu

Cinta tak bisa tak bisa kau salahkan

“It’s not that I want to take you from my best friend

but you know

love can’t be blamed”

Hati-Hati di Jalan (Be Careful on the Road) – Tulus

Sometimes, things just don’t work out between two people. Despite feeling perfect for each other, constant problems can ultimately lead to the end of the relationship. Ranked in the top 50 songs worldwide on Spotify, this song will have you and you friends singing along and waving your hands, as you cruise through the empty streets at night with no destination in mind.

Kukira kita akan bersama

Begitu banyak yang sama

Latarmu dan latarku

Kukira takkan ada kendala

Kukira ini ‘kan mudah

Kau aku jadi kita

“I thought we would be together—

so many similarities,

your background and mine.

I thought there wouldn’t be any problem

I thought it would be easy

for you and me to become an us”

Tak Ingin Usai (Don’t Want It to End) – Keisya Levronka

Still can’t move on from your past love? This song is dedicated to anyone who is struggling to accept the truth they want to deny. After all, it’s hard to move on when you keep reminiscing the memories of how they used to have a special spot in your heart. This song strikes that high note that will resonate long after the last note fades.

Terluka dan menangis tapi kuterima 

Semua keputusan yang telah kau buat

Satu yang harus kau tahu

Ku menanti kau ‘tuk kembali

“Hurting and crying but I accept

All of the decisions that you made

One thing you need to know

I’m waiting for you to come back”

But in the end, you don’t need to be madly in love or deeply heartbroken to listen to these songs. Simply tune in to enjoy the sweet tunes without necessarily having someone in mind! And maybe pick up a few phrases along the way to sharpen your Indonesian skills. With love songs blasted here and there, remember that, even if you don’t have a significant other by your side,  you are still just as lovely.